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Welcome to Zazavi. We are San Diego’s #1 SEO Company.

If you’re not sure what SEO is or how it can benefit you, the following text should help you figure it out.

SEO is essentially doing onsite changes and linkbuilding to your website to make it appear for certain keywords people are searching for.

For example, if you are a water damage company.

Why are we different than other SEO Companies in San Diego?

Here’s our list…

1) No Contracts + cancel at anytime

One of the main things that other companies are going to get you to do is agree to a 6-12 month contract where regardless of what results they provide the contract is valid. So this means you could get ZERO rankings and still be paying each month..Bullshit!

With us…We don’t have contracts…You can cancel at ANYTIME.

2) Personal SEOs

With other companies you’re going to have amateur SEOs working for you. Many of the people who do SEO at these companies are people who are on a 30k a year salary. If that person ACTUALLY knew how to do SEO like we do, they would be cashing in on $3,000+ a month websites like we do.

With us…You only deal with PROS. No NOOB will ever work on your site(s). You are getting professionals who make over $300,000 a year+ each just through personal websites owned.

3) More Keywords THAT MATTER

Many agencies are going to tell you that they will make you appear for all these keywords..Fact of the matter is, that a lot of these keywords just don’t even matter.

With us…We put our effort into all the keywords that will actually matter. We also go after all of them..Not just 1 keyword for X amount of dollars.

So for example, we work with a water damage company here in SD. We have made it so they appear for literally anything someone in san diego would type in looking for a water damage company. This includes, San Diego water damage, San Diego water damage restoration, ocean beach water damage, Point Loma water damage, etc…We set up pages for each city and ranked them on the front page. That’s what we do for ALL of our clients. There is only our red carpet service.

4) We have a FREE TRIAL

No other agency is going to offer you a complete free trial of their services..Surprise..surprise…WE DO. This means you can try out our services for 1 month COMPLETELY FREE. If you don’t see results or for whatever other reason you don’t want to hop on with us..NO PROBLEM!!!

We want to PROVE our worth to you. This free trial does just that.

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